About me
Tours in Rio
Live as it was the last day! 
Brazilian escort in the twenties. Love my life and my city!
Experience in guiding around Rio.
Beaches, Tijuca´s Forest, Downtown Rio and of course, gf experience!
Life is too short to worry with small things.

Lets live with intensity and desire for much more! As a executive escort, I´m here to relax you with massage with special oils. 

If you came here to work, I will make you relax and forget about the stressed day, lets laugh, and have fun!


*Do you have a free time between meetings?  Lets meet!*


If you came on vacation, I can show you some sightseens in Rio and be your tour guide! Will be amazing to show you my city and the spots that only Cariocas know!

I will make your stay memorable and you will go back home with a great impressiono of Rio and wondering when you will be back.


As all the woman, I love gifts! 😊 And loooove to be spoiled! Any gif is very welcome and I´ll be very happy and thankfull to receive anyt gift from you.

Sugar Loaf

Christ Redeemer


Lapa & Sta. Teresa

GF Experience


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